​​*Colorado Coolers' refrigerated beer trailers are perfect for any event!  From weddings, graduation parties & sporting events, to craft beer festivals, town/community/company parties, fundraisers, concerts & backyard celebrations. 

* We have a trailer with 9 taps, a trailer with 6 taps and a trailer with 5 taps.  Let us know how many taps you will need and we'll do our best to get you the right trailer.

*If you have some young guests, a keg of root beer works too!

*In addition to the kegs on tap, there's plenty of room in the trailer to store & cool extra kegs (up to 12 altogether) plus any other food or beverages that need to be refrigerated. 

*Our trailers run on standard 110 volt 20 amp power, so they can be plugged into a normal household outlet. 

*They can also run on a generator if needed.  Optional generator rentals are available too.


*We deliver, set-up & pick-up the trailer after the event.


*We provide the CO2, and a 100 foot extension cord; all you need to do is get the beer, food or whatever you want kept cold!  

*Our trailers are clean! We clean them between every event!

About Colorado Coolers' beer trailer.

Colorado Coolers Beer Trailer Pic

Let us help you provide your party and it's guests with cold, refreshing beverages at the pull of a tap!