Pricing and Policies for renting a refrigerated beer trailer from Colorado Coolers.


Payment is required at the time of drop off or before.

We cannot leave a trailer until we have received full payment.

We accept checks and cash.

We must have your security deposit to solidify your rental date.


*Our 9 tap trailer: $350 per day

*Our 6 tap trailer: $300 per day

*Our 5 tap trailer: $300 per day

(No half days)

*$60/day optional generator rental

(Additional mileage fees may apply)

Pricing includes the CO2, 100 foot extension cord rental, basic cleaning of trailer & beer lines before & after event, delivery, set-up, and pick up.

Security Deposit:

$100 security deposit is required for ALL beer trailer rentals.  The security deposit is 100% refundable if the trailer is clean, undamaged and no parts are missing following the event. 


(contact us to see our rental contract for more info).  

***We do not provide beer, just a convenient and easy way to keep it cold and serve it!***

Some Policies and Stuff:

*Once we set up the trailers they cannot be moved.  Please plan the specific spot you want them placed.  

*The kegs must already be on-site or arrive the same time as the trailer(s) so we can set them up for you and make sure the beverages are flowing correctly! 

*Absolutely NO TAPE or writing on the trailers.  We will provide supplies for labeling the beers and hanging liquor licenses etc.  We will keep part of the security deposit if tape or writing is on the trailer.


*Includes the drop-off, set-up, pick-up and basic cleaning of trailer after the event.

*FREE delivery within 10 miles of our location.  We are located in Longmont, CO.

*Additional mileage fees apply for rentals over 10 miles from our location, contact us for a quote.

***Please note that you must obtain all necessary permits and/or licenses required to use the trailer in the location you will be using it.  Colorado Coolers is not responsible for this.***



Cancellations must be done at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled drop off date.  Colorado Coolers, LLC must have acknowledged the cancellation via a written or spoken response to the cancellation request.  If so, we will issue a full refund.

We will refund all but $50 for cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled drop off date.