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Life does't get much better than enjoying an ice cold draft beer with friends outdoors in the beautiful Colorado sunshine. After the restrictions we've all endured, everyone is anxious to resume that life again.

Whether you are hosting a Family Reunion, a Wedding, a concert event, or showcasing your finest craft beer at a Food and Beer Festival, everything is better when draft beer is chilled to perfection. Keeping those kegs at the optimal temperature of 36-38 degrees all day long is a challenge that requires a lot of ice, monitoring, effort, and cleanup. Colorado Coolers solves this problem so you can give your guests your full attention.

Colorado Coolers is available Seven Days a Week

We will deliver your beer wagon, set up the cooling system to reach the desired temperature, and adjust CO2 pressure to ensure you have a solid flow from the taps. We show you how to tap and untap kegs and that's all there is to it!

​Any kegged beverage can be used with our beer wagons. Wine, Kombucha, Seltzers, Ciders, Margaritas, iced tea, soft drinks, anything you can buy in a keg.

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Happy Customers

My experience with Jay at Colorado Coolers could NOT have been more PERFECT. He was extremely responsive, punctual, helpful, professional, and kind which is so refreshing.

I rented a tap trailer for my wedding in Divide, Colorado and it was a HUGE hit. I would highly recommend renting these unique trailers for any event. This is the best tap trailer rental/business owner in all of Colorado.

--Megan O'Malley - Awesome Bride

I love the Colorado Coolers owners, both old and new! I have had the pleasure of working with the Colorado Coolers for almost 10 years. The Colorado Coolers are more than just a reliable company, they care about their patrons and continually provide help whenever needed. I love the Colorado Coolers and am happy to endorse them. You are welcome to contact me at with any questions or concerns.

--Elle Cabbage - Director, Erie Chamber of Commerce

When I needed fast, reliable, professional mobile draught dispensing support I called Jay Meyers from and he was amazing! Colorado Coolers equipment is second to none and their staff has the knowhow and experience to set it up quickly and expertly. You will be pouring perfect, chilled draughts within minutes and without issue for the duration of your event just as I did.

Thank you, Jay, for making the draft beer service at my event flawless and fantastic. Cheers!

--Kurt Gardner - Key Account Manager, Anheuser-Busch

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